£34.99 Jumper Medical JPD-500E LED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for Oxygen Level & Pulse Rate (SINGLES)


Sold as singles.


Pulse oximeter designed for Adult and Adolescent use

– Portable
– Lightweight
– Convenient

Widely used at home, medical institutions and community centres
Accurately measures Sp02 and Pulse Rate

Sp02 Measurement display
Pulse Rate display
High Visibility Bright HD LED Display
Low Battery Indicator
Alert Function
Automatic Power-Off when no signal
Low-Voltage display
Low power consumption (2 batteries can provide up to 24 hours of continuous use)
Symbol of pulse rate
Pulse rate value display
Value of oxygen saturation
Pulse rate bargraph display

Lanyard x 1
User Manual x 1
Storage Bag With Belt Hook x 1
AAA Batteries x 2

Display: HD LED Screen
Parameters: Pulse Rate, Sp02
Accuracy: Sp02: 70%-100%, +- 2%
Range: SpO2 35-100%, PR 25-250 bpm (accuracy +/- 2bpm)
Warning Indicators: Low Battery Warning, SpO2 and PR alert
Dimensions: 62.0 x 37.0 x 32.0 mm
Net Weight: 28.7g

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