£1.99 Cohesive Bandage 10cm (SINGLES)


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Cohesive sports bandage roll that sticks to itself and not to skin or hair. Easy unwind for controlled application. Non slip bandaging for support or compression. Adheres to itself so no need for pins or tape, can be unwound carefully and reused if required. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

  • It does not stick to the skin

That’s right. Unlike other strapping tapes, the cohesive sports bandage roll does not stick directly to the skin, however it does stick to itself. This means the bandage is easier to apply and of course much easier and pain free to remove. The bandage coheres together rather than use any adhesive meaning taping and strapping can be performed much quicker.

  • It tears by hand without the need for scissors

Most strapping tapes, whilst being adhesive also have to be cut with the use of scissors. Not the cohesive bandage. It can be torn along it’s length and width and because there are no scissors involved it saves even more time during the application process.

  • It stretches and then stretches some more

The cohesive sports bandage roll, along with being more efficient than other strapping tapes such as elastic adhesive bandages or zinc oxide tape is also incredibly stretchy. In fact the bandage can stretch up to twice it’s length. This allows you the flexibility to fit the bandage to suit the situation.

  • The Sports Bandage Roll is reusable

This is what can really set the cohesive bandage apart from it;s rivals. Because it does not use any adhesive in order to stick together, the bandage can be reused. For example, if you make a mistake when applying the bandage you simply peel it off and start again.

  • There is no give, especially in movement

When using other strapping tapes such as the elastic adhesive bandage or zinc oxide tape there is often a large amount of give, especially when you are constantly moving around. Cohesive bandages on the other hand does not have this level of give and stays exactly where it should until it is removed. This is another added benefit of the cohesive effect versus an adhesive tape.