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A notice from Pasante Healthcare Ltd….

Dear Valued Customer,

Following a recent process assessment of the following Pasante Pregnancy Test Kits: Pasante Medicheck Dip and Read, Pasante Product code: 8625B; Pasante Medicheck Midstream, Pasante Product Code: 8635B; Pasante Medicheck Cassette and Pipette, Pasante Product code: 8615B; Clear Sign Dip and Read, Pasante Product code: 8626B; Clear Sign Midstream, Pasante Product code: 8637B.  Pasante Healthcare Ltd would like to notify that the Instructions for Use of the above devices has been revised to clarify:

“The limitations of the test, to specify that the use of some drugs, diseases and medical conditions could have an adverse effect on the test results”.

However, it remains necessary to consult a doctor for final diagnosis of pregnancy before making any decision of medical relevance. Moreover, these changes do not impact the performance, safety or effectiveness of the test.

Please contact Nantong Egens if you have any additional questions to the following addresses:

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Kind Regards,

Jorge Figueira,

Quality Manager



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